Dev/Ops solutions


Cloud infrastructure management

Automated management of your AWS infrastructure using Terraform. Setting up auto-scaling, deployment, logging, metrics, alerting, etc.

Cloud-based services, Go development

Providing custom services on AWS, e.g. setting up custom backend services on Lambda; automatic image resizing with CloudFront, S3 and API Gateway, etc. Writing custom backend services in Go.

Server administration

Automated Linux administration with Ansible. Building base images with Packer for quick deployments and auto-scaling. User management and audit logging.


Building and deploying applications using Docker. Setting up local development/testing environments and application clusters. (e.g. Amazon ECS)

Dev/Ops workflows and training

Defining development and operations workflows (build, testing, deployment, etc.). Helping developers understand and learn dev/ops tools and processes.


Setting up continuous integration with Concourse, Jenkins or similar build systems. Setting up complete continuous delivery pipelines for fast application delivery.


GOV.UK PaaS (9 months)

Managing a Cloud Foundry based platform as a service using Bosh and running it on AWS, managed with Terraform. Writing custom service brokers and tools in Go.

GOV.UK Notify (9 months)

AWS infrastructure management with Terraform and Packer. Server administration with Ansible. Setting up Continuous Integration with Jenkins. Migrating the Python-based applications to CloudFoundry (Government as a Platfrom).


Opsidian Flow (unreleased)

Dev/Ops workflow as code platform. Define your complex development and operations workflows in a quick-to-learn and easy-to-understand definition language. Write your highly dynamic workflows once and forget about cluttered bash scripts and documentations.

Opsidian Configuration Language (unreleased)

Declarative language written in Go which will be used in Flow to define complex pipelines. Supports complex arithmetic expressions, function calls, variables, etc.

Opsidian Parsley

Parser combinator library written in Go for complex expression evaluation. Used to implement the Opsidian Configuration Language (OCL).




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